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See All Brands provides a wide variety of personal care products for both the home and office. Purchase items such as athletic wrap, first aid kits, skin crack care, cleaning cloths, and more.

Impact Personal Care

Impact Personal Care

Recommended Items

Item Description Price
Impact Workplace First Aid Kit in Metal Box
14" (355.60 mm) Height x 16.50" (419.10 mm) Width x 6" (152.40 mm) Depth, IMP999999282
Impact Alberta Regulations Level #3 First Aid Kit
99 x Individual(s) - 7" (177.80 mm) Height x 12" (304.80 mm) Width x 6" (152.40 mm) Depth, IMP8175162
Impact Ontario Regulations 10.1 First Aid Kit
200 x Individual(s), IMP8176620
Impact New Brunswick Regulation Lvl 2 First Aid Kit
10.50" (266.70 mm) Height x 14.25" (361.95 mm) Width x 3.50" (88.90 mm) Depth, IMP8362250
Impact Burn-free Emergency Kit
5.50" (139.70 mm) Height x 8.25" (209.55 mm) Width x 2.75" (69.85 mm) Depth, IMP8016900
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